Female Monk Revealed

Episode two of the Jace Hall Show aired today, bringing with it some more meat to gnaw on that its predecessor (see Jace Hall Show Episode 1 Recap). Aside from the numerous fan interpretations of the female DiabloWiki.com - Monk Monk, scant information has been released (see More Progress on the Monk); however, the tide may have turned for the better.

That's right, folks. Get ready for what might be the female Monk!

(Click to enlarge.)

Complete with the promised pixie haircut (see Diablo III, the Female Monk), could this really be the character we've been waiting for, or is this just part of the Jace Hall act? It certainly looks authentic. What do you think?

If anyone missed it, enkeria spotted this early this morning; see the old thread here!


Official Blizzard Quote:

Yes, that is indeed the female monk.

We'll have an official site update and a couple high-res goodies soon.


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