Armor Progress

Blizzard has recently posted a message on Twitter and Facebook with some information on their progress with armor.

Official Blizzard Quote:

There was a big push on armor sets in the milestone before the break, which included a new female wizard unarmored look. Also sometimes referred to as a class' "naked" look. They're not actually without clothing, but it's the look of a character when wearing no pieces of armor.
The Diablo franchise has always been a game with a wide array of loot and drops and armor has played a significant part of this. Very little information has been given so far in regards to armor. Our first new insight to armor for Diablo III was the addition of Pants and Shoulder as equippable armor. We have also learned that while some classes will not get to yield any type of weapon, the same restrictions have not been made for armor. Another interesting concept that arose with restricting armor was with the new Male and Female characters. There will not be gender specific armor but the armor equipped on the character will change looks depending on their gender. The last bit of information regarding armor and other drops is that they are implementing a Bind on Equip system that will not allow you to trade certain armor after your character has equipped it.

All of this information, however, still leaves plenty of questions about how Diablo III will handle armor. thechampion has already started an interesting thread about armor deteriorating.
Shadowdragon85 has also started a thread about the "naked" armor look which is the look of the character when no armor has been equipped. Other questions still remain unanswered however. Will there be "set" items still in Diablo III? What will the requirements be to equip gear with the removal of stat point allocation? Most importantly, what will the armor look like? With the range of classes and their unique looks, the armor must also be just as unique.

Here you can see some progression made on the armor of the Witch Doctor, Barbarian, and Wizard.

What kind of armor would you love to see for each class?

Lob some Rep at Shadowdragon85 and ShaoKahn for catching this news.


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