DFans "Home Improvement": Skill Calc's

Does everyone know what time it is....? Tool time!

For years, we at DiabloFans have striven to bring the best to the Diablo community, including a large and growing Wiki, diverse and articulate weekly news articles, and a friendly, well-maintained, active forum board. DiabloFans is now taking a leap in to the future with a dynamic and powerful new DiabloWiki.com - Diablo II Diablo II skill calculator!

Compliments of Superceb, the former Administrator of DiabloExile (which now redirects to DFans) and new DiabloFans Staff member, this has all become possible. The tool boasts interactive skill point allotment, real-time statistics with your current build, and a special Link to Build button, which allows you to post a special URL anywhere that will link back to your special build! The current version is fully up-to-date with Diablo II Patch 1.13 in preparation for the impending ladder reset and official release of the patch.

In addition, please be sure to report any feedback, including bug reports and suggestions, to its new board counterpart, the Diablo Tools Discussion forum.


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