1.13 in the New Year

After the excessive hype build-up over the last year and its release this previous December, news on the PTR's progress and possible updates on patch 1.13 have ceased. However, Bashiok made a quick mention of the direction of the patch and their hopes for it before it goes live which, as is Blizzard's tradition, is going to be "soon" (c):

Official Blizzard Quote:

The legacy team met late last week to decide how to proceed on the 1.13 patch and the decision was made to go back into development to incorporate a few additional changes. While this patch has already seen its fair share of delays we still want to ensure we're releasing a patch that hits some key community issues. I do want to stress though that while we did look at feedback and responses we're obviously not going to be able to include everything requested. Our hope is to hit at least a decent portion of what we saw people discussing and correct some of the more severe issues while keeping additional development time as brief as possible.

We don't have a current estimate for release, and because work is only just beginning on these new changes we won't be announcing their details. We'll be keeping everyone updated as to the progress of the patch though, and we hope to see this update on the PTR as soon as possible and then off quickly to a release and ladder reset.

Whether "not [...] includ[ing] everything requested" means that we will see some sincere, useful changes in the patch before its release or not is still up for speculation. Hopefully, in the face of the growing indifference towards the patch from long-time fans, they will take suggestions to a higher concern when reworking the patch.


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