D3W v1.20 in the Making!

Cloudwolf, who stunned the Diablo and Warcraft III community by creating Diablo III dungeons and functionality with WC3's tools, has announced an update in the Diablo3Warcraft forum:

Quote from CloudWolf »
Hey all! Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been enjoying christmas, new years and above all, the snow ;)

I'm here with a few updates regarding the upcoming version of Diablo III Warcraft. If anyones been over at the hive, you'll be aware that a user named Anarchron is currently developing a brand new inventory system to replace the monstrosity that is our existing one.

On the whole, it will look and feel similar to our existing inventory, with slots for items and a selection of slots to equip them. The difference is, this will hopefully contain fewer bugs, and be a lot less bulky. Its still early in development, but from the screenshot below you can probably work out how it will look.

It may look dull right now, but we will be making our own custom graphics for it. Therefore, the final version will be far more aesthetically pleasing :)

In other news, we have begun creating a brand new boss fight for the map. I don't want to reveal too much but it will feature 2 bosses, each with their own unique talents.

We're also planning to create a more "randomised" path through the dungeon. Therefore, each time you play the map should play out differently, greatly increasing the replayability of the map :) The new boss mentioned will be one of these randomly occuring events throughout the map.

That just about sums it up for now. I'll keep you updated with the latest ;)

It looks like we will be seeing some amazing updates in the future! See the original thread for comments and questions here.


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