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Have you ever wanted a chance to ask the Blizzard staff a question about Diablo? Now is your chance! There was a recent post on Twitter and Facebook asking for questions from fans everywhere to be used in the upcoming BlizzCast!

Official Blizzard Quote:

Diablo Looking for a few good Diablo III questions for an upcoming BlizzCast. Reply within the next few hours and your question may be asked!

Official Blizzard Quote:

Diablo We're going to have one of the Diablo III devs answer two or three community questions in an upcoming BlizzCast. If you have a good question, go ahead and reply with your question or questions and it may make it into an upcoming broadcast of BlizzCast. This is a limited time offer... like, the next few hours limited. So get to askin'!

As a community, we will be compiling a list of questions that we want asked, and then use the official's Twitter account to submit our questions. Hopefully we will receive some answers. So, what questions do you have for Blizzard? Get these questions in quickly because we will be submitting them later today!

A special thanks goes to Chemedeiros for spotting the post. Pass on some rep if you get the chance!


Questions we sent:
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1. What type of control is planned for pets/mercenaries, if any?

2. If Blizzard are looking to make gold the legitimate currency of the Diablo II economy, why are they removing durability from items, when that is the most obvious gold sink out there?

3. Will all BoE/BoP items be bind to account, so that you can hand them down to your other characters as you find better gear?

4. Can you tell us a few more details concerning the wizard's resource system, "instability"?

5. Will followers (the perminent hirelings) serve any other purpose other than to fight by your side? Will you be able to give them commands?

6. Is a 4 player maximum still the planned limit for multiplayer? Why not increase it to 5 or 6?

7. Is there anything planned as far as lore we've only heard of sparingly, like the elemental planes, Zann Esu Habacalva, the Ether, Zann Esu Hepsheeba, Lord Bareen, and the Vactayan Uprising?

8. What ever happened to Farnham the drunk?

9. How will we know if the chat gem ever stops working?

10. What would be the system for item-based builds and skill-based builds to balance out end-game characters?

11. Any news on LAN availability, and is anything going to cost real money on Bnet2?

12. They mentioned that respeccing is one of those things that could be a good gold sink, but will that be the only cost to respeccing?

13. What is the current build of the PvP system?

14. Are they planning on arenas/ladders?

15. Regarding PvP, are we restricted to 4 player games in it?


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