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We learned back in September that Blizzard had decided to change a major mechanic in the Diablo Universe. The first two games relied solely on Mana as their resource source to cast spells. No matter what class you played, every character used mana. However, for Diablo III, the team decided to give each character a unique energy system. The announcement of this change started when the Barbarian's energy source was being changed to Fury. The system relied on the Barbarian attacking creatures to raise his fury to cast higher level skills. At this time it was unknown whether or not any of the other classes would also be getting a change to their system. We then learned later that the Wizard class would no longer be using Mana. The actual system name was not given but only hinted at the fact that it was going to be volatile. Then the Monk was announced and there was not so much as a clue to what energy source they were planning on using for this class.

Each class with a different system than Mana has had a lot of debate about how the system will work and what exactly that system will be. Speculations on relations to World of Warcraft and other RPG's have been brought up as well as other real world connections for the Monk.

That is where we left off before the Holidays but with the Holidays over, it looks like Blizzard and the Diablo team are back to work.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Diablo: ... and we're back. Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. Have you tried the Diablo II 1.13 PTR yet?
And it appears that they are still at work trying to iron out the details of each character's energy source. On both Twitter and Facebook, there were comments made about the progress of both the Wizard's and Monk's resource system.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Diablo: The monk resource system early implementation complete. A resource certainly fitting of a holy warrior.

Official Blizzard Quote:

As you may be aware every class in Diablo III will have their own resource system. The Barbarian will use Fury; Witch Doctor, Mana; and Wizard, Instability. We also completed an early implementation of the Monk's resource system just before the holiday break, and that's continuing to undergo programming and visual refinement. It's a resource certainly fitting of a holy warrior.

Blizzard has given us a few more clues on what resource system the Wizard and the Monk will be using. In addition to the "volatile" comment made earlier in '09, we now know that they are calling the system Instability. Going along the same lines as the previous clue, DieHardDiabloFan has started a new thread with new speculation on what the system will be.

The Monk's system has also been hinted upon now, referring to the fact that his new resource system is very fitting of a Holy warrior. With the Monk being influenced by a mix of both Eastern European and Asian Monks, it is still hard to say in what direction Blizzard is taking with this new system. They could also be taking an idea from the Lore of Sanctuary as oppose to real world religion.

We still do not know how either of these systems gain and use their energy and we also do not know in what form aesthetically these new systems will be taking. The Barbarians system has gone from the Mana globe to the infamous Fury Ball system. This was reiterated to a ring look and revealed at Blizzcon '09. It will be interesting to see what shape and form these new systems will take. Perhaps the Wizard's system will be a glowing ball and the brighter it gets the more volatile she becomes. The Monk's system could be a giant prayer bead that fills with the souls of the demons he has vanquished.

How do you guys think the new systems will work and what will they look like in the bottom right hand corner of our monitors?

Thanks to DieHardDiabloFan and Dunhac for noticing the posts. Toss the some rep if you get a chance.


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