Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all enjoy your Christmas Day festivities. Looks like Cain Clause has received our Christmas wish list, I wonder what he'll bring... Help him before Nasty Diablo steals everything; how many candy "cains" can you find in the picture? Perhaps you can join the ranks of Cain Clause.

Something that i've been wanting to do for quite some time now, is announce the DiabloFans Twitter! Feel free to follow us and receive tweets about the latest news posted here.

In other news, we've now literally got a new face to DiabloFans. Brand new favicon on the main site and a few new images for us to toy around with in the news. Some of you may want to "book" a flight to our DiabloWiki to see the changes in season there as well. [Technical difficulties on the wiki updates, they'll be up Soon(TM).] Feel free to make an account there and then link it to your Forum account via the "Edit Your Details" portion of your UserCP.

In case anyone wants to link to DiabloFans from their website, we've also got a brand new Link2Us Button to show for.

In addition to the cool new stuff, the rep system was recently redone, and a new post rank was recently added. Check out the introduction thread for more information regarding those changes. We've also had a few new Staff additions, all of whom are very well deserving of their positions. With that in mind, i'd like to welcome Nyalite, ScyberDragon, and Don_Guillotine! Lastly, if you haven't seen our recent announcement about CloudWolf's Project D3W, I urge you to check it out.

I'd like to give Jetrall and Psyxix a big thanks for being the DiabloFans plastic surgeons and creating all of these new images. To conclude the holiday post, i'd like to share with you a little poem that ScyberDragon wrote for this special day...


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