Curse Hiring Interactive Graphic Designer!

Like the title says - Curse is looking to hire a new Interactive Graphic Designer. So, if you've got the skills and are looking to work for a company that's all about gaming, check it out.

Curse is hiring a new interactive graphic designer to work as a contractor in our San Francisco office. Applicants should have a love for gaming, experience in interactive development and an excellent work ethic. Curse is a leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive and accessible resources to enhance our users' gaming experiences. Our goal is to give gamers an unmatched suite of tools designed to meet their every need - from addons to online databases. Our lineup of website properties includes,,, and many more. Curse is a 30 employee dynamic start-up company with its headquarters based in the heart of San Francisco's financial district. Here are more details on this position:

Interactive Graphic Designer Details:
We are looking for a talented and experienced interactive graphic designer to work as a contractor alongside our production and development team on a major unannounced website (5-6 month time frame). The designer will take the lead in designing the user interface of the site and its tools, as well as creating custom graphical assets that will be used in the online visual design - including typography, visual concepts, icons and interactive platforms.
Click here for more information on the Interactive Graphic Designer.

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What does this mean for us at DiabloFans? It means we will be gaining a Curse employee in the position to create a new website layout, with even better looks. Imagine being able to see the tiny little razor stubble right from the chin of - Deckard Cain Deckard Cain. But comon', you can't blame the poor old fella', the razors' back then weren't too great and it was hard to shave with a - Dagger Dagger.


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