Community Spotlight, Chapter II

Rejoice, for we have had an interesting month!

Countless discussions, our very own interview with Jay Wilson, and some interesting blue posts to boot, it's been a hell of a month ya'll, and to serve as a torch for those who need to get caught up, we have..

Community Spotlight, Chapter II

As I said, we've had an interesting month so far, and just like last time, we're starting with the forums.

The Forums

This half of the month blew the first out of the water, we've had some incredible discussion on the forums, and to get us started...

We've got Scyberdragon, and his thread about the damage type of the fifth class. He outlined the damage types used, brought in old ideas from Diablo II, and laid the foundation for eight pages of discussion. So far, most think that we'll be getting another physical damage class, be it ranged or melee, is up to another thread to discuss.

Next up is Clew, who noticed one of the twitter posts and made a thread about it. The twitter post stated that we've got more fatalities on the way, which is basically fancy ways to kill our characters. The thread has had extensive discussion on hardcore fatalities (since you'd only see one killing blow). Several have asked the question if this would warrant exclusive hardcore fatalities.

Finally is a forum game. Started by Nacho_ijp, the answer a question with a question game has spanned twelve pages in only several days. While there is no actual game discussion going on in there, thought it would be nice to point out one of the more light hearted threads out there, get in and participate in the madness.

Forum Changes

Sub section time!

We've had two new forum sections added to the website, those being PvP, and PvM sections. So if you've had an urge to set up duels or runs, now you've got a place to do it.

Take a glance up at the navigation bar, at the top of the page.
See that "Twitter Tracker" icon?
It's new!!

Also, we've got a new bi-weekly questionnaire, check it out to ask some questions, which will be answered by the staff here.

Fan Creations

Well, our fan fiction and fan art forums are still relatively inactive, with very infrequent posting within them. Thus, this section will only be included when there are actual updates to show for.

What this means for you, is that if you've got an interesting story to write, or an incredible piece of artwork to show, there is a decent chance that it could make it to the front page. BUT ANYWHO, we've got some art.

Squishie joined us, posted his art, and left us in a flash. However, his drawing of a younger witch doctor still deserves merit. Many thought it looked older, I however, did agree that it looked younger. He looks as if he's sacrificing his own blood to fuel his spells, great work Squish.

The Wiki

Stressful times ahead and we've got turmoil in our beloved wiki.

With Lt. Venom briefly absent, we've got one less wiki sysop to contribute to the goal they're working on, which is outlined here. The wiki team is working on getting item pages, rune, and crafting pages done right now, so if you've got some time to spare, or some time to waste, get yourself over to the wiki and help out.

If you're unsure of how to work on the wiki, or unsure of what to do on the wiki, contact Phrozendragon, or one of the sysops, and they'll point you in the right direction.


Now, a while back, I posted a thread asking for spotlight suggestions. You obliged and threw tons of ideas my way, so make sure to vote on your favorite, the top one (possibly two) will be included in articles to come.
It's possible to vote on multiple choices, so choose all the ones that you want to see make it.

I'd like to point out that all users are welcome to PM me about any threads, fan art, fan fiction, or users that deserve to be in the spotlight. It's about the community, so it would be best if you got a say in how this thing turns out.


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