Could The Skill Tree Be Gone Forever?

The twitter tracker is starting to make a name for itself, always giving us bits of news for us to salivate and speculate over, all the while not giving us any actual details.

Anyways, this time we've got an interesting quote about the skill system.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Diablo: The skill system revision is in full force. Trees begone! I think it might be a winner. Jay says hi.

So there we have it, skill trees might be out for good. This could be a good thing though, we've just grown so accustomed to skill trees that we haven't taken time to consider what benefits may come of a tree-less skill system.

First off, no longer would we have to waste skill points in skills we never use. Remember in Diablo II, when you had to put a point into - Sacrifice Sacrifice to get - Blessed Hammer Blessed Hammer? Nine times out of ten, that was a wasted point that never saw any usage. No longer would we need to waste our points in skills we'll never use.

Also, this will open up countless character customization options. Sure, cookie cutter builds could become even more widespread, but for those players who liked to experiment with new and innovative builds, this will be a godsend. Now, we may be able to take a sampling of skills that work well together, but don't fall into the same skill tabs.

But, in classic Blizzard fashion, they didn't tell us more than we need to know. They left us to ponder what the new skill system could be, and knowing Blizzard, it will probably blow our socks off.

Also, props to Kamori for noticing it first, throw some rep at him if you've got the time.


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