Community Spotlight - Chapter I

It's been a pretty rough month so far: news is dwindling, Bashiok is more tight-lipped than ever, and we're still waiting on the next patch for Diablo II. Yet, our forum still soldiers on, scraping every bit of discussion we can out of the tidbits of news we're given. Not everyone wishes to crawl through the forums to see everything that is going on, however.

So now, to serve as a torch for those people, and those who just want to see the best of the best, we have...

Community Spotlight, Chapter I!

Thats right, community spotlight. Where the chosen of the forums come to showcase their discussions, their contributions, and their forum-spirit.

Anyways, flashy introduction aside, let's get down to business.

The Forums

It's been a relatively quiet month on the forums thus far, yet we've still had some amazing discussions flowing from our users.

First off is waelsj's Pirate idea. The thread began with little thought or proof (sorry waelsj), but users really began to discuss it in depth, and it seemed more and more at-home in the world of - Sanctuary Sanctuary. Fifteen pages of discussion later, the thread was closed. Definitely an interesting read for anyone wanting to learn about what we could be getting for our fifth class.

Next on the list, is Entropy's Starcraft II find. It consisted of a screenshot, and sparked much debate over what it would be. Users decided that it was in fact, a Zerg unit. But what unit, is another question. At the moment, the general consensus is that it's either an Ultralisk, or a Queen. Check it out and share your thoughts, or if Starcraft isn't your thing, avoid it like the plague. Your choice.

Finally, we've got DarkMagicc's "New name instead of Noobs" thread. Discussion has flowed for seventeen pages so far about what word could replace the tried and true insult "Noob". To save you from searching out each one mentioned, I'll mention some of the best: Dewb, Bish, Derp, Durry, Flayers, Bhok and Kunk. If none of those suit your tastes, get in there and share your ideas, maybe your insult could replace Noob some day.

Fan Creations

It seems creativity is slowing down 'round here, but we've still got some great submissions being posted, as well as some great Roleplays happening at the moment.

For art, we've got Holyknight3000's wallpapers. This month, he's made a wallpaper of the Stinging Sands, a location within - the Borderlands the Borderlands (the area in Diablo III, not the game). Once more, he's worked his magic to create another outstanding wallpaper for users to put on their desktops, check it out if you're in need of a new one.

For fan fiction, there is a story posted up by Number1SuperGuy, called Adflict, Lord of Torment. It was posted long before November began, but seeing as this is our first community spotlight article, I thought I'd include it. For anyone wanting a quick and interesting read, give it a go.

This brings us to the Roleplaying forum, which, at the moment, is being dominated by The Dark Abyss, created by Junction3, and scyberdragon. It's a roleplay set in outer space, following the story of the Revenants, a group of bounty hunters trying to get rich quick. Thus far, they've gathered their group together, hunted down a gang leader, got caught in a swarm of zombies, murdered a giant T-Rex, and have drank their earnings away on a paradise planet. The RP is still running, and the creators may still have room for more users, so if you're in a creative mood, get in there. Or, if it doesn't float your boat, try your hand at running an RP yourself.

The Wiki

Oh, the wiki. A source of knowledge many of us have yet to contribute to. Nevertheless, the staff and a select few users have been filling it with quality articles covering almost every facet of the Diablo universe.

Recently, the staff behind it has finished writing out the skill pages for Diablo II within 5 weeks. When they began, they needed to reformat 210 pages of skills, 180 of which did not even exist. It was obviously a massive task, made even larger by the fact that it was finished mainly by five people. Of these five contributors, three were Wiki staff (zhuge, Lt. Venom, and Phrozendragon), the other two were normal users.

Blood-doll helped with the - Assassin Assassin skill pages, and finished the majority of them, all the while keeping the quality of the pages intact. Sebastian helped with the - Necromancer Necromancer pages, and provided the basis for the Wiki staff to work with. A thanks to both of these users, pass them some rep if you can!

Name Changes

This month in particular, we've had two name changes. The first, was Elyk, now known as Azriel. Next came Turmobil, who is now known as Entropy. I briefly changed my name to Fuzojix, then changed back to Zhar (Sorry Sixen).

Thus ends our first community spotlight article, hopefully it was informative enough for you. If you have any suggestions, feel free to voice them, we still need to refine this to make it better for the users.

After all, the users is what this article is all about.


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