Torchlight Ups the Ante

Has the recent product of - Blizzard North Blizzard North and - Flagship Studios Flagship Studios employees led to a period of constructive silence for the Diablo III team? Torchlight, in many respects a child of the Diablo series as any official game, has been garnering the fanhood of many of our own members, perhaps due to its vast similarities in style, gameplay, and mechanics to older Diablo games and even Diablo III, itself. A recent article at MMO News asks all this and more.

For a good number of weeks now the DiabloFans staff has been struggling to find solid, unique, and valuable news. It's proved a distinctly challenging task, however, as very little has been released, as opposed to the massive flood of information we have been getting for months. Could this be the Diablo team treading lightly, so as to avoid announcing anything fragile? MMO News says that because of this observation, common among all Diablo news sites, that "Blizzard has made up its mind to reform the game system thoroughly".

Or could this simply be the usual calm before the storm? A similar slow came after StarCraft II's unveiling at the World Wide Invitational, which was followed by a good amount of updates straight from Blizzard and then reached a veritable freeze. Is it too soon to make the call?


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