Climbing the Ladder

Ever since the release of patch 1.10, Diablo II has maintained a high and enduring - ladder ladder to rank its players based on their experience points and levels. As spawned by our Twitter Tracker here, how do you feel about the ladder system of Diablo II?

Some things to consider might be how it graded players. Was experience alone the best determinate? What else might have been good to consider alongside it? Some other conditions that it may have been prudent to save and reuse for grading players could be as follows:

  • Total number of other players you have beaten.
  • Total number of monsters you've killed.
  • Total gold value of all items on your character- this may have made non-set and non-unique items more worth saving, since magic, rare, and crafted gear sold for higher gold prices than other gear.

What do you agree with, or conversely, what do you think could be better? Have any other ideas?

How far have you come on the ladder in Diablo II, or do you even bother participating? How have third-party programs affected the ladder system? Would you be more enthusiastic about the ladder if third-party programs weren't as prevalent?


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