BlizzCast 11 -- BlizzCon roundup

BlizzCast #11 was recently released and it covers the happenings of this years BlizzCon -- roundtable style. Joining the mediator Rob Simpson, an eSports Team member, was - Bashiok Bashiok, Nethaera, and Karune. Throughout the entirety of the podcast, there was not much in regards to Diablo, however they definitely started BlizzCon off the right way. BlizzCon was kicked off with the announcement of the fourth class for Diablo 3, the - Monk Monk.

Official Blizzard Quote:

We announced the Monk, as you said, it is our fourth playable class. We still have one class we haven't announced yet. The Monk is sort of this "East-meets-West", he's got a lot of kung-fu moves but he also looks very Western. He has this big, red, bushy beard and a shaved head. He's primarily a hand-to-hand fighter, he does use weapons but a lot of his weapons, it does look like he is using hand-to-hand combat. He's kind of weak as far as his armor and health goes, but he gets in there fast, kicks the crap out of dudes, and gets out of there.

The reaction from the fans was overwhelming. We had stations where people could fill out feedback on the demos while they were playing them and the Monk was overwhelmingly the favorite at the show, which was just announced, so it wasn't too surprising, but it is still a very fun class to play.

With the fourth class announced, we are only waiting for the latest addition to the team of heroes to venture into the world of the Sanctuary for the third time.

On a related note, the winner of the Costume Contest was an avid Diablo enthusiast dressed up as the - Mistress of Pain Mistress of Pain.

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