Is It Too Early to Pre-Order?

With the consideration that Diablo III will not being hitting store shelves until the release of Starcraft II, which is not being released until, at the earliest, 2010 (see StarCraft II Delayed Until 2010), is it too early to consider pre-ordering Diablo III?

Numerous gaming sites across the web are offering a pre-ordering option for the upcoming game, offering varying release date fill-in's for an estimated time of arrival in their stores, though none of them are official or realistic given that Blizzard has not given a release date as of yet.

How trust-worthy are these pre-orders without a confirmed release date that will not be at least for another year? Has anyone taken advantage of any of these opportunities?

Even if Blizzard had added a pre-order option on their online store, would you wait until more information about the game is out so you understand fully what you are buying?


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