Diablo III, the Female Monk

Before you get excited, no, she has not been shown yet. What we do have is a new tidbit to mull over.

Ever since the Monk's announcement back at the BlizzCon (see New Diablo 3 Character Class: The Monk!) this last summer, speculation has run high and dry on the Monk, from skills and weapons to his energy source. The female version of the Monk has yet to be revealed, whereas in all the other classes we have seen, more or less, a male and female version, but Bashiok may be offering just a little bit of information for us to think about until the real announcement comes.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Pixie haircuts are hot.
That is all.

A pixie haircut? Despite the fact that in our world the Monk is a male-oriented figure, and bald, Blizzard needed a way to compensate for that with the female version. Although some have speculated a bald female, as well, it may be that Blizzard doesn't agree with the idea.

(If you don't know what a pixie haircut is, Google is your friend. See here.)

UPDATE (01/03/09):

Official Blizzard Quote:

Female monk concepts are complete, work continues on her different armor set looks.


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