What Do YOU Want To Know About Diablo 3?

Hey everybody. Blizzard has just offered us an opportunity to interview some of the developers of Diablo III, and while myself and the other staff members obviously have some questions of our own, we wanted to open up this forum thread to give YOU the opportunity to have your own questions answered!

So here's what you need to do. Post any questions about Diablo III that you'd like us to ask during our interview with Blizzard. The questions can be about art, design, lore, production, etc. Whatever you're interested in learning more about! And yes, you can post as many suggestions for questions as you like, just try to have them submitted by the end of this week at the latest.

We obviously can't ask ALL of your questions, so myself and the other staff members will be compiling a list of the ones we think are the most interesting (ie: don't post a question like "When's Diablo 3 coming out?" because you should know by now that such a question is pointless to ask).

Again, we're opening this up to you guys because you've helped us make this into the greatest online Diablo fan community and we really want to keep you actively involved with everything that's going on. So post some good questions and maybe we'll send them to Blizzard! Thanks all! :)


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