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In a quasi-recent series of posts by Bashiok in response to thread queries in the Diablo III forum, speculation has begun in earnest in regard to the newly-announced Monk's energy type. So far, the only confirmed energy types are the Witch Doctor's Mana system, which we saw in all the previous incarnations of the Diablo franchise, and the Barbarian's Fury system (see Bashiok on "Barbarian Fury" and "Gore" in Diablo 3). But what possible leads does this leave us with for the Wizard, Monk, and so far unannounced fifth class?

For review's sake, Bashiok offered a quick recap of the basics of the Barbarian's Fury system:

Official Blizzard Quote:

The barbarian fury system works off of the idea that [highlight]as he gets more into the battle, doing and taking more damage, he builds up this power which lets him unleash more damage[/highlight]. That idea is ingrained in the way he plays and the way his skills look and work. And the visual style of the resource system itself, of the three fury orbs, is sort of a molten lava. Which again plays into his very physical earth-shattering flavored skills.

The Witch Doctor's energy system is fairly self-explanatory since we all know how it will function, but in case anyone had not seen official Blizzard words on it:

Official Blizzard Quote:

We've stated that [highlight]only the Witch Doctor is planned to use mana[/highlight] at this point in time [...]

As far as the other two announced classes and one unannounced class, scant information, if it can be called that, has been revealed. Anyone that is knowledgeable in the workings of Blizzard, however, should be familiar with these nebulous replies that often raise more questions than they answer:

Official Blizzard Quote:

I think when we unveil the resource system the Wizard uses it will actually make a lot of sense.


The other class' resource systems play very much into what each class is, their flavor and kit, and individual style in approaching combat.

The major motivation for offering different energy types for each character is, of course, to offer unique and different play styles for each character, as opposed to with Diablo II, where essentially all casters played the same way and all melee characters played the same way, thus, hopefully, offering some better degree of variation. Whether this proves to work will only be revealed as more of the game is released and we all get to see more of what the systems will offer.

To see more on this topic, you can see more of the discussion via our Blizz Tracker here.


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