New Diablo 3 Character Class: The Monk!

I just heard word that a new character class for Diablo 3 has apparently been unveiled: The Monk! Supposedly, it's replacing the Paladin. Still waiting for confirmation from Blizzard on all of this of course. JUST CONFIRMED IT'S OFFICIAL!

I'm still getting set up in the press room here guys, but thought you'd want to know! You heard it here on Diablofans first! :D

Update: The Monk is playable at BlizzCon!!!! It wasn't at first, but after the announcement, they made the character playable on all the computers in the convention center.

Update #2: The Cinematic Trailer and the Gameplay Trailer for The Monk are up on Youtube. Scroll down and you can check 'em out!

The screenshot came from a Korean-language version of the Diablo 3 site.

Here's the actual Cinematic Trailer for the Monk:

And here's the Gameplay Footage of the Monk:

More news to come soon!


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