Has the Tetris Inventory and Magic Find Returned?

In response to some of the videos from the recent coverage during the Gamescon in Germany, some video stills may show that the Magic Find item modifier and the tetris/grid-based inventory system have returned. Whether or not this is wholly welcome is up to you.

Among the many YouTube and gaming coverage site videos uploaded from visitors to the Gamescon of 2009, it would seem some have proven to show that there is tons of information about the upcoming Diablo III title if one is simply willing to look hard enough. The following image shows a cursor hovering over a timed buff that increases Magic Find and gold dropped, an effect gathered from a shrine, none-the-less:

Some interesting things are of note here. MF shrines? What's up with that? It can be remembered that there were some fans who suggested a similar idea, even on this very board, but it will be interesting to see, if kept in the game, how this will affect the typical Diablo-grinding fest players often endured to find the best items. Similarly, it also makes one wonder how Magic Find will work in Diablo III- hopefully better than it did in Diablo II.

Also, the fact that they even bothered continuing with the increased gold modifier makes one wonder if they have, indeed, come up with a way of making gold more useful in light of the relative ease of gathering and uselessness of it in Diablo II. One would think that the developers would not even bother with the modifier again if it would not prove useful. But, of course, we all know that Blizzard developers are just as prone to mistakes as everyone else and, if it is any consolation, any issues that arise will hopefully be patched.

On the other hand, yet another video still shows something else of more nostalgic beauty that even more fans may be happy about. The late inventory system "overhauling" in the early days of Diablo III, a system based on new principles not yet seen in the Diablo series, proved to most of the fan base to be very alien. At first, many, including myself, resigned to the fact that it was a changing game and just maybe this new system would be really fun and dynamic once we got our hands on it at release.

Things have changed, it would seem.

The backpack has digressed (perhaps not in a negative way) back to the system of old in the form of a 5x8 (40-space) grid, which, like previous games, will presumtuiously work just as the old tetris-styled system (as many fans have labeled it). Now, if everyone now approves of this return to the basics is yet to be seen, as some have stated a previously-happy transition from the sometimes-annoying game of "fit the square peg in to the round hole" when dealing with larger items or little space.

All the credit for these two images and finds goes to biff exploder who discovered both of these in this post. If you seem him, give him a positive reputation point if you have the moment. I would say this is pretty interesting news.


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