New Curse network site:! Plus, Diablo Haikus.

Hey guys, I just wanted to help plug a new site that was just added into the Curse network today. Introducing

"In our quest to provide you the best communities for your favorite online games we've positioned into our network! This new addition to our network renews our promise to cover the top MMORPGs and provide value-added news and services wherever we can! FFXICore already has some of the best coverage, and most active forums, for this game on the internet, and we plan to add more unique features to put this website at the top of Final Fantasy communities."
If you want to learn more about it, check out the official press release. Let's give a warm welcome to 'em as it's always good to have some new neighbors in the network!

In Diablo-related news, a fan of the game recently started a "Diablo Haikus" thread on the forums and Bashiok already pitched in one of his own:

"Only four more days
BlizzCon doesn't wait for me
Fetal position"
I'd like to see each of you write a Diablo-related haiku too and post it in this thread. Let's see whatcha got!


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