Starcraft II Delay Won't Affect Other Blizzard Titles.

We recently posted about the Starcraft II release date delay, and there was some concern that it could potentially cause the release of other future Blizzard titles (including Diablo 3) to be delayed as well. Fortunately, that's just not the case as Blizzard president Mike Morhaime had the following to say during Activision's quarterly earnings call:

"I'd just like to reiterate that we haven't announced any release dates on any future titles, and I'll also reiterate that the move of StarCraft into next year does not impact the schedule," he said after being asked whether or not we'll see two Blizzard games next year twice by two separate analysts.

"So, it would be correct to conclude that you could expect two releases of Blizzard next year, but I would not make any conclusion on what those titles are going to be." -(source: VG247)
So there you have it... no need to worry about the Starcraft delay affecting Blizzard's release schedule. All this news really does is make us wonder what other game they're going to release in 2010. Will it be another World of Warcraft expansion, or could it finally be Diablo 3?

(thanks cwain)


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