Patch 1.13 PTR Forum is Up - Don't Get Excited, Though

Many of us have been hanging by our toes hoping for any kind of information regarding the coming patch 1.13 and the ladder reset. It seems we can finally see a glimmer of hope on the horizon, however. The day of the Public Test Realm (PTR) launch is at hand!

Bashiok has recently posted a patch 1.13 update at the Diablo II forum here. The patch is heavily along the way, and, although it has been said that the PTR for Diablo II will not be up until after satisfactory results have come from the WarCraft III patch PTR, Bashiok has confirmed that things are "looking good" with the WCIII patch.

Also, any forum-goers of the forums should be delighted to know that there is now a dedicated forum specifically for the PTR for Diablo II that is now up in preparation for the launch of the PTR here. Questions about the patch, reset, and PTR, and PTR bug reports, are all to be asked, reported, and discussed therein. I would keep an eye on that forum, folks, since it will most likely be pivotal in the release of the PTR, reset, and patch:

Quote from "Bashiok" »
A forum is now available for discussing the PTR and patch and will continue to be available for posting feedback and bug reports once the patch actually goes live. This is to ideally keep the other Diablo II forums dedicated to current game discussion. Any threads discussing the 1.13 patch/PTR/etc. will be moved to the Test Realm forum, or deleted.

However, Bashiok went on to answer somewhat solemnly (perhaps for the best) the question of a member there about the opening of the Diablo II Patch 1.13 PTR:

Q: we'll be seeing a test realm very soon?

A: No.
A: Well the presence of this forum only means that I made it because I want you guys to know it's here well beforehand, to get into the groove of posting about 1.13 stuff here, and to stop cluttering up the other forums with questions about the patch or reset.

This could, however, be Bashiok simply guarding his tail this time, a reaction to a previous fan-end misunderstanding. In the past, he used the phrase "maybe" and it was taken that the patch would be released nearly instantaneously from his announcement. However, months went by and very little information was released, until Bashiok finally replied with condolences. Perhaps this time he has gone in favor of an all-out negative to release him from any misguided notions of a promise.

(And a special thanks to voltant for discovering and reporting this directly to me via PM- hit him up with a reputation point or two if you get the chance!)

Questions still abound, though. Will this patch be something major? I would say so, or they would not be bothering with a PTR for it. When do you think we will be able to expect this PTR to be launched, as well as the WCIII patch?


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