A bit of cool info about loot system

A concerned fan recently posted on the B.NET forums with 3 very good questions about loot/

In d3 each player will get individual drops at boss kills, right ? But what's the case with regular drops like zombies, skeletons or chests? Does a chance of drop roll individually for each player is some Wizard kills a zombie? Does a Witch Doctor get a chance of drop too in that case - even if he had nothing to do with the killing?

And chests - do they give drops to all players regardless of who opened it ?

And one more question, that i think its very important - if someone kills a monster and gets a drop - Are we all going to get our individual drop from that monster OR we will all have a Chance of drop OR only he (who kills) gets that drop?

And the Response with a bit of added information about health globes

Yeah, drops for everything, bosses, normal enemies, chests, etc. all drop items per player. If you see an item drop, it's for you. If you pick up an item and don't want it, when you drop it then everyone else can see it.

There are some questions the drop system raises of course about griefing or contribution, but those are really issues that are best and maybe even easier addressed when a more complete view of a final game comes into focus.

Somthing also that is very cool to know. If you are playing in a party and grab a "Health Orb" it will heal everyone in your group very cool

Health globes drop the same for everyone. I'm guessing mainly because snagging one heals your entire party. It would be kind of confusing if they weren't.

I for one am very happy that "Health Globes" will heal everyone so people are not rushing in to try and snag them for themselves and then you die being the meat shield. That would be a huge headache in multiplayer, what do you guys think?


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