Patch 1.13- The Progress Update We Never Got?

For some time since the announcement of patch 1.13 for Diablo II in late April, we have heard scant nothing of progress and have seldom had an update. Now Bashiok, a Blizzard representative on their online board, has replied to the inquiry of a poster about the progress of the patch:

Quote from "Bashiok" »
Work on the patch was put on hold for a while due to higher priority issues, but it commences, and it is nearing.


The reply is short and to the point, which is more than we can say of many of Blizzard's revelations. Apparently, the patch had been put on hold in light of more pressing matters, but now they're back in business and its release is imminent.

I, myself, am somewhat dissappointed in their lack of an announcement when they suspended work on it, something many had suspected in Diablo-based forums around the internet. However, now that we have a definite confirmation of its progress, something that would have been nice a month or two ago, I can say that some of that is relieved.

Being one of the very few responses from Bashiok of late, this reply may be something of consequence. Can we be expecting the patch before the month of June is out? Many ladder resets and a few patches have been released in the month of June, so this only continues to add to the speculation.

Credit goes out to pvp_fire for PMing me about this little tidbit. Hand the man a rep point if you have a moment :)


Some speculation about the "higher priority" that has been going around is that they just released their 1.23b beta Warcraft III patch yesterday on their servers. This may, in fact, be what Bashiok had been alluding to.



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