Diablo III Bestiary Update- Return of the Fallen!

As first noted here on Diablofans by Pjanoo, the Fallen Ones of Diablo II (you can read more about them here in our Wiki) have returned for Diablo III! I'm sure many, if not all of you are familiar with the impish little devils - running away the instant one of their comrades have fallen. And I'm sure we can all recall fighting their leader in Act I, Rakanishu, whose name they chant incessantly, and probably having been slain, ourselves, at some point by his Lightning Enchantment.

Well, as per a post in our Dev Tracker, the creatures have made their official comeback:

Quote from Bashiok »
"The Diablo III bestiary has been updated with a demon family you may recognize - The Fallen Ones!

"When unleashed upon our realm by their master, Azmodan, these impish terrors display a tendency to swarm like flesh-hungry locusts, and they have been known to tear apart a sleeping village in minutes. Small of stature and simian in appearance, these creatures possess surprising strength and unnatural agility. Other than feasting on human flesh, the only act that gives these unspeakable horrors pleasure is breeding; hence the tendency to encounter them in large packs."

Visit http://www.Diablo3.com for the full bestiary update, including concept art, screen shots, and video!"
There are now 5 different kinds of Fallen Ones:
Imps - These are the commonest of the fallen family of demons. They are the stereotypical fallen ones in look and behavior: small, red, swarming, bloodthirsty, and cowardly.

Shaman - Fallen shaman priests lead camps of fallen. I have also heard it rumored that they possess the ability to raise imps from the dead!

Lunatic - These enraged, oversized fallen creatures are bloated seemingly to the point of bursting, an impression buttressed by the fact that these insane demons rush their intended victims and then stab themselves until they explode. A more fitting name could not be found for these maniacal beings.

Overseer - The fallen overseer drives his smaller impish charges into a frenzy with his ape-like leaping and growling. An overseer among a group of fallen is a dangerous thing, as the cowardice that usually characterizes them is overwhelmed by fear of their much larger brethren.

Hounds - These slobbering abominations are commonly found among groups of the fallen and are utilized as guard animals, beasts of burden, or even food by their demonic masters. These beasts are loyal to a fault, regardless of the abuse heaped upon them.
You can see their glorious new page on the official Diablo III site here: http://www.blizzard.com/diablo3/world/bestiary/thefallen.xml. There's tons of new artwork and lore crammed in there- I'd encourage everyone to check it out!

How does everyone feel about these things returning in the world of Diablo again? It does make sense since there were so many of them in Diablo II. I'd wager they'll probably multiply like bunnies. Thoughts? Comments?

(And I'd pass a rep point or two to Pjanoo for posting this first!)


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