Diablo II included on "10 Games That Won't Die!" list.

ExtremeTech recently posted a list of games from yesteryear that "just won't die". Diablo II was mentioned right at the top o' the list and here's what they had to say about it:

"1. Diablo II
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Will it Run on Vista? Yes
Still Available? Yes

Widely hailed as the greatest action RPG of all time, Diablo II has legions of clones and followers, but none have come close to gripping the enthusiasts as much as Blizzard's powerhouse. You can get both Diablo II and its expansion, Lord of Destruction, plus strategy guides, at the link above for $40.

The game features five character types, each with its own range of abilities, but it's the interface that made Diablo II, and its predecessor Diablo, what they are. So move, you simply click. To attack, click. You can access various functions like a map or your special abilities through hotkeys?or you can click

While Diablo had something of a story, Diablo II is far more plot-driven, involving taking on evil itself, and takes place throughout four acts. Lord of Destruction adds two character classes, a new campaign, and much more to the mix.

Keeping Diablo II alive, besides its core gameplay, is a host of mods. You can find them all over the Web simply by wielding the power of Google, but a good place to start is Diablo II Sector's Mods directory. You'll also find hacks, bots, and many more downloadables for the game

Of course, single-player gaming only goes so far, and Blizzard still supports Diablo II multiplayer via Battle.net. And there's still a thriving Diablo II community, playing and trading items with their Realms characters (as opposed to "Open" or locally-stored characters). Even as Diablo III is in development, don't look for Diablo II to fade away just yet. The upcoming sequel doesn't yet have a release date. If you crave action-RPG clickety-click frenetic gaming, look no further than Diablo II."
So how many of you are still playing Diablo 2 on a regular basis? Do you think that'll all change once Diablo 3 comes out or will you still play the second installment here 'n there?


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