Work on Diablo II Not to Affect Diablo III Release

Recently, in view of the imminent release of patch 1.13, and for some months, many users have been concerned about the legitimacy of a Diablo II patch since many are wanting only Diablo III, thinking that any work on Diablo II would push off the release of Diablo III. In a recent reply in our Dev Tracker (, Bashiok noted that the legacy team behind patching and working on Diablo II is separate from Diablo III and will not affect the latter's release:

Quote from "Bashiok »
[quote]because after 1.13 hopefully they will get more done on d3.[/quote']We have teams for developing and releasing patches for our 'legacy' games, and those teams aren't working on Diablo III.

So, may our forum body, and all other Diablo fans, rest in peace. The patch will be coming up soon, and, in addition, it will not be affecting the release of Diablo III ^_^


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