Diablo 3 Difficulty Levels

After a user expressed concerns about how Diablo 3 would supposedly be relatively easy, Bashiok chimed in to reassure us that the game will have a variety of difficulty levels to master:

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"We aren't looking to make the game any easier, we're shooting for Diablo II difficulty more or less for normal. It's an easy ramp up, pretty much anyone regardless of if they've ever played a game before or not can get in and start clicking on monsters and kill them with little trouble.

Then you have the new difficulty levels that unlock, and the game really forces you to move beyond the "easy to learn" portion and into the "difficult to master".

Actually some of the things that made/make Diablo II extremely difficult later on are usually due to bugs or design/balance issues, so it's hard to compare overall difficulty at those later difficulties with a completely new game. But in short, no, we're not planning on the game being any "easier". We've only said that we're shooting for a similar difficulty ramp in normal mode.

There are currently no plans to require more than one person to complete any areas of the game."
So how hard are you hoping Diablo 3 will be compared to the previous installments?


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