Blizzard Theme Park Contest Winners Announced!

The winners of Blizzard's first Theme Park Contest have just been announced for each of the categories. Christina Marie DeLong was the lucky grand-prize winner, but considering what she came up with, I'm not so sure one should call it luck since she clearly put a lot of time into coming up with "Blizzard World". Take a look:

Nice, eh? Really like the coloring on it, and come on... you just can't go wrong with a "Demonic Petting Zoo" complete with "special feeds" so the children can give food to the tamed demons. Makes me wish the park was real. And speaking of demons, the other individual game category winners were announced as well, so naturally I gotta share with you the Diablo-themed winner:

I was admittedly hoping for an entire theme park dedicated solely to Diablo, but at least this one covers the Sanctuary quite nicely. I particularly enjoyed the descriptions such as the ride which drops you "into the depths of Hell faster than gravity itself" and how Adria the Witch sells a variety of things including "bath supplies" in her gift shop.

All in all, it was a great light-hearted contest and I hope Blizzard decides to make it an annual tradition. Be sure to check out the other winning entries such as the Starcraft and Warcraft themed ones along with all of the Honorable Mentions. Some really good stuff in the mix!

So what was your favorite part out of all the theme park entries? Did any of your entries make the cut? If you didn't enter this time, will you in the future if Blizzard holds another theme park contest?


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