Fan-made Warcraft 3 / Diablo 3 game. Diablocraft III?

Here's an interesting new fan creation straight from the forums. Somebody by the name of CloudWolf decided to help scratch their Diablo 3 playing itch by basing a modded Warcraft 3 map on the Diablo 3 gameplay footage video. And speaking of video, here's a video clip of it in action and I gotta say... it looks pretty impressive!

Really nice eh? Definitely something worth installing if you own a copy of Warcraft 3. Here's a closer look at the character classes themselves:

You can play as any of the three currently known classes in Diablo 3, and CloudWolf promises to add in the other classes once Blizzard announces them.

One of the users recommended playing as the Witch Doctor since you can heal yourself, which comes in handy in single player mode. You can download the mod here. So who here is gonna break out their old copy of Warcraft 3 and give it a shot?


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