Blizzard and Microsoft Xbox?

We've all heard how Blizzard intends to keep their games on the PC and will always consider themselves a computer gaming company, but in the past year they've hinted at how they'd be open to possibly having their games on a console again. IGN's The Daily Fix recently reported that Blizzard is in talks with Microsoft in regards to their next generation Xbox console.

"Blizzard has been in talks with Microsoft over the next Xbox. Rob Pardo confirmed at GDC that the new system is already in development. Pardo also mentioned why World of Warcraft hasn't come to the console: the current hardware just isn't designed for it."
You can see the Blizzard segment about 38 seconds into the video here:

Obviously, WoW has been Blizzard's bread 'n butter for a while now, but here's hoping that this means we'll possibly get to see Diablo 3 released on consoles as well.

So how many of you would be inclined to purchase the next Xbox if you knew some of Blizzard's future games were going to be on it? Would it influence your decision? Naturally, this is assuming the games turn out much better than the Diablo port for the original Sony Playstation did. ;)

(thanks to PlasticComplex)


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