BlizzCast 8 nearly done and it's "almost entirely" about Diablo 3!

Bashiok recently chimed in to respond to a fairly pushy fan's demands for more Diablo 3 information. The user by the name of Barnesy04 had 3 questions:

"No more fooling around. D3 fans need some answers.
We've went since Oct. without anything relevant being revealed.

1. Are we going to have to wait until August (Blizzcon) for any REAL information?
2. Are we going to have any gameplay vids like the first ever shown again, or are we just going to have ones like the blizzcon demo gameplay?
3. Whats the next classes?! :P Ok ok ok, I'm pushing the 3rd demand!"
Looks like his pushy attitude managed to get some information out... check out what Bashiok had to say:

"No more fooling around!? Damn. You're on to me.

1. Depends on what you consider REAL information. I'm probably not supposed to say that BlizzCast 8 is almost entirely Diablo III related and should be out before the end of the month. It's going to be a good one and... oh no!
Also I personally love the bestiary updates, and you BETTER like the next one we have planned. Or else...
2. When we're ready to show something off, we'll show it off. :)
3. You'll find out soon enough."
Finally, we get a BlizzCast pretty much dedicated to Diablo 3! And by the sound of things, the next Bestiary update is going to reveal something really interesting. The end o' the month can't come soon enough!

Thanks dunhac82 & Atrumentis


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