Diablo and Doom combined! Diabloom? Doomablo?

Destructoid recently reported about one individual who took it upon himself to combine the game "Doom" with the style of Diablo. The game is called Doom: Fall of Mars, although I prefer to call it Diabloom or Doomablo. Regardless of what moniker you assign to it, it's a really interesting and original fan project even though it's still in the early stages of development. Seeing Doom in Diablo's isometric style of gameplay, complete with a similar inventory setup, is pretty friggin' cool if you ask me. Take a look at some of these screenshots:

If you're interested in trying it out, there's a demo up for download on the game site which is about 3 megs. The demo contains three levels, and I definitely hope this is a project that he completes. You can learn more about this great fan project here.


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