Blizzard Announces Theme Park Contest

Now here's something completely different! Blizzard has just announced a new Theme Park Contest. They want you to design your own ideas of how a Blizzard theme park would look. In addition to some great prizes including a Wacom Cintiq and Starcraft 2 beta keys, some of the best entries will be put on display at BlizzCon 2009!

"Step right up, and take a ride on Onyxia's Revenge -- a wild, whelp-filled roller coaster through the depths of the nefarious dragon's lair! Head to Koprulu Food Court and grab yourself a Zerger Burger -- then don your Horadric Poncho, and prepare to get soaked in a rain of fire on Diablo's River of Flame!

What thrills would you seek in the Blizzard Entertainment theme park of your dreams? This is your chance to show us.

We're challenging you to design and illustrate your own Blizzard Entertainment Theme Park, including roller coasters, water rides, shows, shopping areas, food courts, game areas, patrons, and whatever fantastic attractions you desire.

Submit your original park design by March 30, 2009, and we'll choose our favorites based on the creativity of the design, artistic technique (including the medium and style), and how your park reflects the lore and spirit of Blizzard Entertainment's games.

You can submit illustrations that look like theme-park maps, compose your park to look like a screenshot from a game, or create whatever kind of park you wish -- the only limit is your imagination. Winning entries will be featured on Blizzard Entertainment websites around the world as well as at BlizzCon 2009, being held in Anaheim, California on August 21 and 22. The park designer who most creatively incorporates the StarCraft, Warcraft, and Diablo universes will receive a Wacom Cintiq 12WX Digitizing Tablet, a pair of StarCraft II beta keys, and more."
So what do you think? This is a pretty random contest for them and I definitely can't wait to see the results, but it raises some questions. Is this their way of hinting that we'll maybe see Blizzard's own version of Disneyland some day? After all, BlizzCon is held in Anaheim right near Disneyland. Coincidence? Or perhaps this is for something more along the lines of a new game like RollerCoaster Tycoon? Oh how the mind loves to wonder about such things...

Click here to visit the official Blizzard Theme Park Contest page.

Click here to read the official rules.


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