Now You Can Own The Diablo 3 Rainbow Shirt... Sort Of.

Ever since I first saw it at BlizzCon 2008, I've expressed my adoration for the homemade Diablo 3 rainbow t-shirts that some Blizzard staffers wore to the event. I've also talked about how I want one of those shirts for myself. I also held a poll to see just how many of you would like the shirt, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Well, it turns out that Nerdy Shirts has just produced their own copy of the rainbowtacular shirt that so many of us have been dying to get our hands on.

Unfortunately, as you can see in the comparison above, while the design remains the same a lot of the colors/details have been lost. The shading which gave it that perfectly childish puffy 3D quality is gone, and the unicorns are now both blue instead of pink and purple. Personally, I'm going to hold out in hopes that we'll eventually see the original design make its way onto an t-shirt available in the official Blizzard online shop. This new shirt just isn't cutting it for me. It looks too cheap with the lacking colors. However, for those of you who just can't wait for the real shirt to come along, at least you have an alternative choice now.

So for those of you who wanted the rainbow shirt, are you going to buy this one or are you going to be like me and hold out for the original style?

(via Rock, Paper, Shotgun)


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