Official Diablo 3 Site Media Update #4

In addition to the Battle.Net forums being abuzz with activity, Blizzard has just made their first update of 2009 to the official Diablo 3 web site in the form of Media Update #4. This update contains four new pieces of concept artwork and five new screenshots. Once again (for me at least), it's the artwork that steals the show, and I'm sure these images will be adorning many of your desktops in the immediate future. Take a look and click on any of the images below to see the full high-res versions!

Also noteworthy is the fact that this image is different from the high-res version on their site. The low-res preview version appears to be a bit more colored in as you can see here:

Here's hoping they'll release a high-res pic of that version sometime soon.

And now for the screenshots:

So what do guys you think of this latest media update? Anything in particular really grabbing your attention this time?

(thanks popez)


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