Bashiok Addresses Questions About Sites With Diablo 3 Pre-orders.

A member of the Diablo 3 forums recently posted a question regarding some web sites that have been listing Diablo 3 for pre-order. Some of these sites even have posted street dates for the game as early as 3/27/09. Now, anybody who's been paying attention to Diablo 3 news during the past year surely knows that the game is nowhere near completion right now, but Bashiok has taken the time to address the issue of pre-orders:

"As always, unless it is officially announced by us, usually through a press release, any release dates are purely guesses made up by the retailer. I don't pretend to know every retailer's pre-order requirements or rules, but I believe a release date usually has to be present for them to begin taking pre-orders. So they sort of make one up.

That isn't meant to discourage you pre-ordering the game, feel free if you want, but be aware that the retailer likely has a disclaimer stating that the date they list isn't a guaranteed release date, and it certainly isn't."
Personally, I'm not even considering any pre-ordering until there's an official release date from Blizzard. How about you guys? Are any of you actually going to bother pre-ordering the game this early from one of those random web sites?


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