Happy Holidays Diablo Fans!

On behalf of the staff here at Diablofans.com, I just wanted to say happy holidays to all of you. Hope you all have a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or whatever it is that you happen to celebrate at this time o' the year! But before I get on with my own festivities...

It looks like we also have another nice little gift from Santa in the form of a nice 4-page interview with Jay Wilson over on 1UP. It includes some solid Diablo 3 info and a couple o' new screenshots to help tide you over during the holidays. Thanks to forum member popez for giving us a head's up about it! Click here to read the full interview.

On top of that, G4TV has posted a new video featuring interviews with Jay Wilson and some gameplay footage (thanks DiabloBarnes). Take a look!


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