How is death handled in Diablo 3?

A forum member posted a question about how death is handled in Diablo 3 in regards to checkpoints. Bashiok was good enough to respond to help clear some things up:

"We had a checkpoint system in the BlizzCon demo we showed, where you would die and pop back up at the last checkpoint you came across. Some of that was for the convenience of the demo, but we do like the checkpoint system and intend to carry that forward in the same or similar form. We're not looking toward corpse retrieval currently.

Any death system we do have needs to allow players to get back into the action quickly, but not be so meaningless that you're just flinging your corpse against a wall of monsters over and over until you finally get through."
He then responded to some follow-up questions regarding how far apart checkpoints will be:

"That all comes down to balancing, and probably the specific Act/dungeon itself. No way to know right now."
Having played the demo, I definitely liked the checkpoint system they had in place at the time. It didn't seem too unfair, but it also didn't plop you right back where you were. Dying definitely was something you wanted to avoid if at all possible. Just like in real life ;) How about you guys? What do you think of the checkpoint system they had in place for the demo?


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