Blizzcast #6 - Diablo III Senior Artist & New Monster Art

The next episode of Blizzcast has been released! Senior artist for Diablo III, Anthony Rivero, talks about creating monsters for the series including Mephisto and the Druid in Diablo II, and various monsters in Diablo III. The Diablo section of this Blizzcast starts at 33min for those who want to skip to the good bits.

Anthony: Probably the most notable monster I worked on was Mephisto. Phil Shenk had concepted Mephisto, so I already had something to start with. I modeled and textured him and set up the initial rigging, and then handed that off to Cheeming Boey to animate. I actually helped a little bit with the effects as well, the effects that are at the base of Mephisto. He has like swirling smokey skulls that kind of swirl around the bottom of him as he’s moving around.

For Diablo III, Rivero designed the heavy-armour set for the female Witch Doctor as well as many other monsters.

Female Witch Doctor:

Anthony:The Corpulent, the guy that blows himself up, I did some retexturing work on that. Let’s see, the tree that explodes, I helped with some effects work on that. I helped provide some modeling/texturing needs for the effects team. The shaman goatman I built and textured, the other goatmen I did some touch up on, their textures. The ghosts, I created and modeled and textured the ghosts.

Additionally, the concept art for a wicked new monster, the Malformed, has been revealed, of which Rivero also worked on.


Actually, the Malformed concept art was one of the many artworks viewable in the Artwork Trailer. The trailer, however, has since been taken down from the Diablo III website.


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