Environmental Damage vs Players A Possibility

Official Blizzard poster Bashiok has mentioned the possibility of monsters using the environment against players, in addition to the other way around.

In PvP, can a player utilize the interactive environment to cause harm to another player? Can certain Mobs be able to use the interactive environment against you?

Bashiok: Right now if you knock down a wall on top of, or drop a chandelier on the head of someone in your party, it does damage/"daze" them. There's some potential issues with it, right now it's sort of just there because of the way those object interact with player characters as a whole. It's possible that due to exploitative or griefing potential they just can't continue to work that way. We'll see.

Enemies will destroy some/most destructible objects if they're in their way. Whether that may include actual damage dealing destructibles or not is probably more of a design decision on a case by case basis. We sort of want to reserve that for the player too I think, being able to damage enemies with the destructbles, but specific creatures that use the environment to their advantage are always cool.

I'd take the post with a grain of salt, because it sounds more along the lines of something that would be cool to put in, but not necessarily a priority for the developers.

Honestly speaking, how much do you think such an addition to gameplay would add to the overall experience? I'm fairly content with the fact that players will be able to interact with the environment without having monsters have a go at it, too. Put it this way: it might even be annoying to be constantly stunned by enemies who drop rocks on players, and that could get pretty old.


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