Special Thanks

I would just like to give out a special thanks to everyone that has provided all the information given to this site. It really means something when you have dedicated people putting out their efforts and putting aside their daily life for others in the game we all love.

Just to name a few people:

Mockery - Handling the live blogging for BlizzCon 2008 and updating the site with news and announcements from Blizzard and other informative sources.

Ferret - Straining yourself providing well put together threads of information and moderating, keeping this site genuine and clean.

Elfen Lied - Providing exceptional knowledge of Diablo lore and keeping threads together with up-to-date inforamtion.

Silversurfnstud - Helping Mockery and myself with the BlizzCon coverage and maintaining this site greatly.

Sol Invictus - Providing some really important information around the web with great coverage.

Atrumentis & Anakyn - Helping out greatly with moderating the site with our staff team and keeping interest in the forum going.

And if i missed anyone, I am sorry, really busy to at work to notice anyone else. So this goes out to you. Thanks for your hardwork and dedication!




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