Diablo III Release "still a long way to go"

In a recent interview with the Wired blog, VP Rob Pardo revealed some of the following details about Diablo III's release date and the state of its development.

"I don't know how far out it is, but it's still fairly early in development. I think when people see it, it feels so polished and so finished, but the reality is we have a very small portion of the game done right now," Pardo explained.

He added: "A lot of the way we develop is: We wanna make sure the game is really fun and the visual fidelity we want ... we wanna make sure we have a small area that feels really done so we know what to build. So even though it looks really complete a lot of the content is just not there. We have a long ways to go to build each of the different acts in the game and put in all the quests and all the different monsters. We have a lot of development ahead of us before it will be something ... It will definitely be out after StarCraft II."

It looks like we'll be waiting for Diablo III for awhile yet. Let's just pray that Starcraft II comes out within the next few months.

Thanks gyrextt for spotting this in an interview I'd read but kinda skimmed over.


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