Attendees Rates BlizzCon

Thasador reporting in from BlizzCon at Anaheim, CA.

I had a chance to break away from all the panelists and events and stopped a few people and asked them about their experience at BlizzCon and more importantly with their expectations and overall rating with Diablo 3.

Chris, an attendee at BlizzCon with his girlfriend both enjoyed BlizzCon and gave it a 10/10 rating. They stated that it was awesome to try out all three games there and to see what Blizzard is aiming their games to. He really enjoyed Diablo 3 greatly. He pointed out that the graphics was phenomenal and that the same general concept of click flury was still implented. He was kinda bummed about the stat assigning, but that quickly turned around for him with the new features such as hacking down light fixtures down on monsters as well as wall rubble crumbling down on enemies.

Tanya, a beloved attendee at BlizzCon also commented that Diablo 3 was "The Shit!" and that she has got in line for the demo all day to play it over and over again. I asked Tanya to rate BlizzCon this year and she gave it a 10/10

I was able to pull aside a few people in the retro gaming area to ask them about BlizzCon this year. Peter stated that everything at BlizzCon was spreaded out evenly and that dedicating one hall for RTS (Starcraft and Warcraft III) one hall for World of Warcraft and another for all the events. He did complain how the schedule was set up with all of the events and how one big event will be broadcasting in the main hall and in the World of Warcraft hall, there would be the semi finals. 9/10 for Peter on this one.

Overall, people were ecstatic of the outcome of BlizzCon. 9.7/10 seems to be the average today...There is still 7 hours left and more to come.

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