Game Director Jay Wilson announces news

Jay Wilson, Game Director of Diablo III announces to attendees at BlizzCon in Anaheim, CA. new changes for the better and some unanswered.

Wilson explains that he wants to have the characters of Diablo III to be epicly powerful compared to Diablo 1 and 2. "Being superpowered and allowing the player to defeat hordes and armies of minions will bring the excitement back into the medeval game." However, many have argued that this will take away the horror/suspense from the game and will loose interest really quickly. Unfortunately the demo is short and I was noticing the uberness of the characters.

Wilson also announced that there will be a hardcore mode for all of you bloodlusting realism players out there as well as 3 difficulty modes like previous in LOD.

Wilson also commented that he wants to "remove the old barriers" when it comes to online play on Creating an easier join system with friends and coming up with other ways to free up the restriction in Diablo III compared to all other RPG/Action games.

Wilson explained to Diablo fans that removing health potions away will generate a more realistic experience to the gameplay. Players will not be able to stock up unlimited amount of potions and being "invulnerable" to all monsters/players in battle. With an army of monsters in front of you, it will force you to be more strategic and apply classic hit and run and evading tactics to play.

Random mini-quests will be contributing to Diablo III to help support the randomly generating maps and monsters that we saw in Diablo II. Seeing a cult performing a ritual spell or a caravan in need of assistance at random when you are in the area will put you more intuned to the game as well as re-playabliity.

Diablo III game developers are also marking the overall game economics a high priority as they are developing a system where gold is the main currency and items such as jewels or runes are not. This will defintely keep the game in check and not overflow to a pure mf game.

An attendee attending the convention asked Wilson if loot will still be incorporated as a free for all during online games. Wilson quickly replied no as they have already created a system where all other players in a game with you will not be able to even see the items if they where dropped from a monster that you killed. Now once an item has been picked up and then dropped again will allow other users to see the item.

Wilson's last direction was to only enable a maximum of 4 players on bnet games. This will encourage others to band together in completing quests and prevent servers from reaching over capacity and allow better connection quality...ridding lag.

Day one is almost to a close and there is still a whole day left for more information about Diablo III. I will be uploading several pictures of the event later tonight, so come check it out.

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