Bashiok: Monsters Against Monsters

Bashiok has been a busy bee lately. With BlizzCon coming up and anticipation for new Diablo III information pouring in, he's somehow found the time to respond to a couple of threads over at the official forum.

First up, a response to a question regarding Monsters:

It would be naive to think that with all of the creatures, demons, and monsters in the world of Sanctuary that they'd all purely be concerned with killing you and you alone.

Hinting that the player may discover monsters who fight each other in the wilderness!

Concerning the inventory, Bashiok had this to share:
We have an awesome UI guy (Mike Nicholson) who is constantly iterating on the interface. Right now it has a lot of the core pieces of what we want, but it's still being worked on fairly heavily. Specifically regarding item images and being able to see the artwork - being able to reach a happy medium between single slot and having nice big item images is something we're striving for.


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