BlizzCon - Pick the Best Diablofans Questions

As mentioned a few days ago, five Diablofans staff members are going to BlizzCon: Mockery, Umaro, Thasador, Silversurfnstud and Medievaldragon. A thread was opened to collect questions from fans to ask the developers.

I am traveling on Wednesday, October 8th -- I am not able to say why so early, but you can take your guesses. I will be able to forward some of the questions in private, and some of the questions live on the Diablo III Q&A panels.

Here is what we need you to do. This time around, the community can work together and help to decide which questions are best qualified.

1. Open Notepad or any text editor

2. Simply list the best 10 questions from the following closed thread which contains 102 posts.

3. At the right of each selected question type the post # and the name of who submited the question.

By Monday evening, I will streamline and pick what the concensus was with the best 20 questions. I will report what these were and double check again with you. By Tuesday, I will have the final questions.

Make sure to check up Diablofans through Wednesday, October 8-11. Any of the staff going to BlizzCon will be updating with info, images and video. However, the important part is that those who watch DIRECTV live or the live stream from WCRadio or other livestreams can listen to the Diablo III Art panel, Lore Panel, etc. And at the end we will have the Q&A Panel.

If I get my hands on a laptop, I will post official Q&A panel threads to grab questions based on what was told in the early panels, and the five of us might have a shot at asking One or two questions each to the developers.

See you at BlizzCon.


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