Able Gamers Interviews Blizzard, Leaves Us Puzzled

Able Gamers has scored an interview with Jay Wilson and Leonard Boyarsky with a few common questions to which we already know the answers and some weird ones like these:
Steve, AbleGamers: From what I'm getting so far. Generally speaking, Diablo III will be an entirely new concept in game. So you guys are not trying to pull any ideas from Diablo II, you will not be building on anything other than the world of Tristam

Jay, Blizzard: I wouldn't say and we would pull anything from Diablo two. It's just only look in different areas. We make decisions based on what from that area we want to bring back. For example, the items for Islam is not going to be the exact same as Diablo there are some changes, but the core of it is basically the same, or using the basically the same item generation mechanics backend systems, drop rates, data and information because that system work really really well. In the case of classes, we chose to try to create new classes, because he wanted to provide new gameplay in the area. So we really tried to handle this on a case-by-case basis we not trying to... we definitely don't want to rehash Diablo II, but we don't want to throw it away either.


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